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Saint James is a K-8 Catholic elementary school nestled between Noe Valley and the Mission.  Centrally located in the City, St. James lives within two of the most dynamic and vibrant neighborhoods.  St. James can be found on a quiet residential street where we have been good neighbors for a hundred years.

Today, 140 families represent the best of St. James.  There are generations of San Franciscans who have attended St. James.  Current students can point to their parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and in a few cases, grandparents in the graduation photos that adorn our halls.  Needless to say, the Bay Area is well represented.  True to St. James' history, there continues to be a strong contingent of newcomers to our City as well.  This mix of locals and newcomers deepens our spirit and sense of pride.  Therefore, Community is a central theme of our school.  It is touching to see the level of generosity and understanding.


Come and See the Richness within our walls.

Saint James Catholic School

321 Fair Oaks St.
San Francisco, Ca 94110

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